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Faith in Action
  • Faith: Our goal is to strengthen our men and their families in the faith. We should constantly inform ourselves in the Catholic faith. This formation goes beyond mere facts or religious practice to an authentic connection with a loving God and his son Jesus Christ.
  • Family: Father Michael J. McGivney sought to strengthen the familial bond of father to mother and children to parents. Our family programs are an evolution and response to a society that seeks to weaken the bonds of family. We must make it clear that society should value a family that is faithful to God and each other.
  • Community: As Knights of Columbus, we are called to serve our family and our God. Our first principle is Charity, at home with our families or in our communities. This is a critical part of our Knights of Columbus mission.
  • Life: The urgency of the threat to a culture of life cannot be misunderstood. Respect for the dignity of life demands a commitment to human rights across a broad spectrum. Both as Knights of Columbus and as followers of Christ, “Catholics must becommitted to the defense of lifein all its stages and in every condition” (Saint John Paul II, 1995).


The "Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities" is often referred to as the "Tootsie Roll Drive" because of the Tootsie Roll candy bars given out by the Knights to thank people for their donations. One of the most recognizable activities of the Knights of Columbus, funds collected from the I.D. Drive go to organizations to help support people with intellectual disabilities. Last year's proceeds were used to assist St. Alexander SPRED Program, Imagine Diving, Illinois Special Olympics, and other organizations. This year the Knights and other volunteers will be asking for your support the weekend of September 21-23. Please be generous. Thank you!

Bill Rogers and Steve Lukasik present a check to St. Alexander Special Religious Education (SPRED) program, one of the recipients of last year's Intellectual Disabilities Drive. Each September the Knights of Columbus collect donations (and hand out Tootsie Rolls) to benefit organizations and programs that support people with intellectual disabilities.

Intellectual Disabilities Drive Chairman PGK Brian Mellenthin (right) presents a check to (left to right) Imagine Diving's Robert Hemedinger, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Wasilewski, and Nick Borema.

Each September the Knights of Columbus Intellectual Disabilities Drive collects donations — and hands out Tootsie Rolls) — to support people with intellectual disabilities.

Imagine Diving is a 501(c)3 organization providing opportunities for children, adults and veterans with mental and physical challenges to experience the rewards and benefits of the underwater world through SCUBA diving in a professionally supervised environment tailored to each individual.

The Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge is a competition designed to demonstrate the most basic of soccer skills — the penalty kick. The Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge is open to all boys and girls ages 9-14. This year's Soccer Challenge will be held as part of St. Alexander's Homecoming Field Day on Saturday afternoon Sept. 29.

Knights of Columbus Charities

Hurricane Florence has made landfall in North Carolina, its crushing winds setting up hours and hours of destruction. Rising water is bringing life-threatening storm surges – up to 10 feet – along the coasts. In response to the devastation, the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council has launched an online donation drive to assist with local relief operations. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go directly to relief efforts. Your support is urgently needed. Please DONATE TODAY to help those suffering such devastation. Thank you.

The Knights were at the Palos Heights Classic Car Event on July 19 with cold water and hot pretzels.


Knights of Columbus apparel can be ordered online at KNIGHTSGEAR.COM. Many items can be personalized with our council name and number. For personalized items specify: St. Theodore Guerin Council 14057.


St. Theodore Guerin Council 14057 will accept your an old, worn, or damaged American flag. Flags are collected by the Knights and, in a periodic retirement ceremony, disposed of in a dignified and respectful manner. Flags may be left in the marked container in the SAVE room.


Sponsorships are available through the Knights of Columbus for St. Alexander's Crosby Parish Center. As a sponsor you will have the benefit of having your advertising sign appear on the wall of the Crosby Parish Center and will enjoy the exposure your sign will get at all the sports activities and the many parish social events held in the Crosby Center. Previous sponsors are being asked to renew for 2018. And there are opportunities for new sign sponsors as well. For sponsorship information contact Tom Stuchly at (708) 699-4444 or e-mail to


Parents of children baptized at St. Alexander will be receiving special gifts from the Knights of Columbus. To celebrate her child's Baptism, each mom will receive a beautiful glass rose symbolic of love and life. And, the dads will receive a rosary emblematic of the Knights' devotion to our Blessed Mother to encourage them to be a model of prayer for their children. Members of St. Theodore Guerin Council 14057 will be present at the Baptisms to give these gifts. (Knights are needed on an ongoing basis to present the Roses and Rosaries. Contact Jerry Ritz to volunteer!)

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